Fifty percent of the total amount of data circulating in all the world's Wi-Fi networks comes from wireless networks installed on these technologies in hotels on our planet. Hotel guests most often access social networks via Wi-Fi and search for locations on online maps. Almost two thirds of hotel guests use the Wi-Fi network for business purposes, slightly fewer of them are looking for additional tourist facilities. Ninety percent of guests when booking a hotel check if there is a destination to which they go on vacation Wi-Fi. About 75 guests connect from a minimum of two (mobile and laptop) devices to the hotel’s wireless network. As many as 83 percent of them will report poor Wi-Fi on the online reviews of the services of the hotel where they are staying.

So, if you are involved in tourism - you must have a Wi-Fi network and it must be good. Because, bad Wi-Fi has a bad effect on business: potential new guests are missed and old guests are lost, for example, a guest dissatisfied with a hotel Wi-Fi network often asks for a refund, without a wireless network you are handicapped if you want to organize congresses and conferences. When faced with a poor Wi-Fi network, guests complain of a bad signal, slow data transfer, inability to connect more than two devices. A good Wi-Fi network must have a strong signal, high bandwidth and data transfer speed, it must be secure and easy to access.
The advantage of the Wi-Fi network is, in addition to the fact that today it is something that every hotel simply must have and that it provides a lot of additional opportunities for earnings. For example, a hotel can monetize its Wi-Fi network by introducing a range of location services and targeted advertising. Wireless networks also provide hundreds of new information about guests - what content they are looking for, where they are moving, etc., which makes it easier to adapt hotels to their needs and better design new services (video-on-demand, rent-a-tablet, mobile POS devices). , smart hotel rooms, etc.) that it can offer to its guests. Another source of income from the hotel's Wi-Fi network is renting that infrastructure to telecom operators.



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