Who are AdriNet's partners
AdriNet partners are companies that need to implement the best communication systems and solutions available on the market, with secured professional support and the best quality-price ratio.
These are:
• system of the integrator company - experts specialized in certain market segments
• tourism and hospitality
• education
• smart city
• state institutions / public administration
• industry
• wholesale and retail
• warehousing and logistics
• healthcare
• transport
• telecom operators and service providers

Why become an AdriNet partner
• know how - certified experts with many years of experience in working with communication solutions
• quality and reliability - selection of a portfolio of high quality equipment and advanced technologies
• professionalism - care for the partner network, business interests of the partners and the development of their competencies
• Strength - resources to provide additional services to end users
• flexibility - openness to the needs of partners and different business models
• fast delivery - optimal inventory planning and warehouse supply
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