New Wi-Fi6E access point Ruckus R760


Ruckus has launched a new R760 wireless access point which is the first model in Wi-Fi 6E products series that support the 6 GHz spectrum. Ruckus R760 uses the best of the already introduced Wi-Fi 6 generation products (OFDMA, TWT, MU-MIMO) and has previously unimaginable features: a combined data rate of 8.35 Gbps, efficiently manages up to 1,536 client connections with increased capacity.

The new R760 makes it easy to deliver reliable, secure, ultra-high-performance connectivity to large enterprises, public venues, convention centers, atriums, cinemas, large service facilities, gaming spaces, shopping malls and other challenging and ultra-high dense environments.

The latest Ruckus access point has a 10 Gb Ethernet port and two built-in IoT radio interfaces that allow BLE and Zigbee devices to be connected at the same time.

More information about the product can be found here.
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